How To Start A Business Company

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1. First you need an IDEA
Create An Idea - Ideas Must Be Unique and Innovative ...  
Your Ideas must improve peoples lives and improve on any existing quality... Secure and Keep Secret your Ideas...

Ideas must improve peoples lives and improve on existing quality. Secure and Secret your Ideas. Resist the urge to talk too much. People will steal your ideas. Ideas are often acquired from experience... Note all your ideas down. Even if now is not the right time to implement them, the future always holds hope. Interact and research people and target markets. Set goals based on logic and reason. Funding will most likely be required in order to implement your idea. Save up while you are Ideating and compose a basic business plan.


2. Business Revenue and Registration Services

Business Registration and Business Bank Account - Revenue and Taxation Registrations - Legal Registrations... Your Business needs a Company Registration and a Bank Account for Revenue and Taxation purposes. Consider all other business and legal registrations that may affect your proposed scope of work. In order for your startup to last it will require yearly registration and taxation fees. Create a list of all registrations required for your new business. Fees are either payable once off or annually. Hire an accountant or book keeper to manage your revenue and taxation data. Set goals and create a timeline. Follow up on your progress. Excel or table all outstanding tasks. Modify as the tasks are completed..

What are Business Working Systems...? They are proven sources of incomes. Working systems include pricelists, services offered and future plans. Working systems need to be monetized with time. All working systems must generate income. Intellectual Property is Your Business Brain. A new startup has in ongoing IP learning process. Consistently improving on ideas and working systems. Records must be kept, stored and secured. This information has to be kept secret and backed up regularly. All income generating clients, activities, services and costs are to be documented. Monthly and yearly tables are to be created and analyzed. All clients must be tabled monthly and assigned a unique client number for invoicing purposes.

  3. Successful Methodologies to Startup (The order is dependent on your business)

Clients - Finance - Equipment ... How to Develop Business Methods....
A> Equipment - Clients - Finance
B> Clients - Equipment - Finance
C> Finance - Equipment - Clients


Note All Service and Operational Costs. Major Costs include Rent, Electricity, Wages, Fuel, Equipment and Emergency expenses. It is also very important to research and document your target market as well as competitor data.

And Lastly Putting your product out there - Networks that are good for Business Exposure are...

Required - Website (Domain - or Free -

1. Google.
2. Google Maps.
3. Local online business sites.
4. Facebook and Twitter.
5. LinkedIn.
6. Google+.

Excellent For Networking
1. Twitter.
2. LinkedIn.

Local and Regional
Word of Mouth.
Quality is directly proportional to time.
Stickers, Posters, Signage, Branding and Visual
Local Media Hardcopy - Expensive.
Local Media Electronic - Cost Efficient.

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Article by: createAstartup Staff